Monday, 26 October 2015

Exclusive invitation to the simplest video editing app


My name is Kazuhiro, and I'm the CEO of VIBBIDI, the simplest video editing app around. I'm contacting you because I read your tweets and thought that you might be someone who would be interested in new technologies and apps.

Our mission is to build a platform for gathering stunning videos from all across the world. The public release is scheduled at the end of November, and starting this month, we have been sending early exclusive invitations to selected users who are posting magnificent tweets!

We consider the overall quality of the app will depend on the initial batch of users. So, we're obviously particular about the quality of the initial community and the invitees are carefully selected. We would definitely like a fantastic user like you to join us in building the most gorgeous video platform in the world!

VIBBIDI is the perfect app for editing breathtaking videos to upload to Instagram and Twitter! We hope to inspire people with the stunning videos of influential creators from 100 countries around the world!

Please search "VIBBIDI" and download the app on the App Store! The app will be available free of charge, even after the public launch in late November!

If you have any suggestions about the app, please feel free to contact us! We hope to create the world's most beautiful video platform together with you!

Thank you for your time!
Kazuhiro Naya

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Monday, 2 February 2015

Article Submission: Indie Music Discovery Radio, Attn. The Music Editor

Dear Sir/Madam,

I hope you are well, and have had a good week so far.

I would like to submit an article for your consideration. Please find the article pasted below. I would be happy to send it as an attachment if required.

Please do get in touch, it would be a pleasure to hear from you.


Discover undiscovered music from all over the world. All your favorite genres from Pop, Rock, Folk, Country, Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae and EDM, to Classical Music, Soundtrack Music, Lounge Music, Jazz, and everything in-between.

Skunk Radio Live has been created to cater to the needs of adventurous music lovers looking to discover new artists in a new way. 

Undiscovered artists from all over the world are popping up on Skunk Radio Live everyday. What makes it special is that the music programming is not limited to mainstream genres like Pop, Rock and Hip Hop, but also includes other sub-genres, less popular genres and instrumental genres.

Skunk Radio Live is an invaluable music discovery tool every music lover can't do without.

Author's Bio:
The L!ve Team is Skunk Radio Live's dedicated music discovery team, scouring the globe daily to find the hottest undiscovered music creators out there.

We are very passionate about discovering new music, and even more passionate about sharing it with the world.

My name is Steve, and I'm the team Leader.


Kind regards,
Stephen Morgridge.
A&R Director

SRL Networks. | London. - facebook - twitter
T: 0044 (0) 20 3286 0210

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Monday, 19 January 2015




走进双喜 主动找客户的时代

1.让全球潜在客户都记住你 (对全球目标客户周期主动建立联络,精准推广效果)

2.让团队更加稳定( 业务员主动创造机会,每天有事做)


4.轻松启动外贸业务( 最容易找到工作入口,No 展会,No平台,N0手工搜索客户)